Human Quest for food

Human Quest for Food – Survival or Eating Pleasure?

Human quest for food to survive. We migrate and adapt to new environment, fought and conquered new territories, we create and innovates new food.

Although human have advanced from hunter-gatherer to modern farmers and industrialists, nothing has prepared our body to adapt to the new world we live today. Human physiological evolution simply could not keep up with the fast pace of ecological & technological changes.

Today, food palatability takes priority over food nutrition and functionality. We promote and judge food base on tastiness & presentation. We eat to “fulfil” our taste bud and stomach, not our metabolic needs anymore.
Despite tasty food is abundant and we no longer migrate and hunt for food, the diseases cause by “over-eating” and “malnutrition” has fast becoming a new threat to mankind survivability. What should we eat to maintain optimum health? What diet best suits our health conditions? How and what should we eat to prevent disease?

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