Cinnamon is native to India and Sri Lanka and was later introduced to Indian Ocean and South East Asia. It is mainly cultivated in Sri Lanka, coastal regions of India as well as in Malaysia.

Cinnamon is an ancient spice which was mentioned in some religious text. In the ancient times Cinnamon was highly valued and regarded as a gift fit for monarchs (Toussaint-Samat, 2009). As a food, Cinnamon is popularly used as a natural flavouring agent. It is commonly used in food recipes as well as chocolate making, confectionaries and bakeries. Besides, Cinnamon is also a very important ingredient in many traditional medicines.
The Council of Europe listed Cinnamon as a natural source of food flavouring which can be added to foodstuffs in small quantities (Council of Europe, 1981). In USA, cinnamon is listed as Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) (Leung, 1980).