Besides concerns on refined-flour when consuming processed food is the present of preservative. Both boric acid and benzoic acid are usually added in processed food, particularly the Malaysian most preferred yellow noodles, ba chang, Nyaonya Kuih to ensure freshness remain longer. Boric acid is prohibited due to its serious side effects and benzoic acid usually found to be misused.

“Boric acid found in noodles” the star online
YELLOW noodles made by two renowned factories have been found to contain dangerous chemicals which can cause cancer and impotence, reported Harian Metro.

According to the front-page report, despite repeated warnings from the Health Ministry, manufacturers were still churning out noodles with high levels of boric acid and benzoic acid. Read more –

“25 years of inaction: Boric acid still in food” Consumer Association of Penang
The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is shocked that banned boric acid is still found in food, in spite of our numerous calls to the Ministry of Health for the last 25 years to take action on the issue.

CAP’s latest test on various types of food such as Bak chang (Chinese dumpling), yellow noodles and Nyonya kuih found boric acid to be present in all the samples tested. Read more –

FAO/WHO Expert Committee declared that boric acid is unsafe as food additives. It is banned under the Malaysia, Food Regulation 1985. Consuming in small amount could lead to serious side effects. These includes but not limited to kidney damage, gastrointestinal tract disorders and poisoning. Previous surveys (past 13 years from 1984-2008) tests done by CAP consistently showed