HEI Wellness Food is made from GMO-Free Isolate Soy Protein, a plant protein for good health & everlasting beauty.

HEI Wellness Food is ideal for weight watcher and people who are concern about their body weight. Long term consumption of HEI Wellness Food not only maintains health but also your lean figures.

It is a best food for obese to trim excess body fat. Plant protein enhances satiety effects, stimulate thermogenesis thus increases fat burning. It is a safest way to re-construct healthy body composition and to preserve health & beauty. Eating HEI Flour Free Protein Food help to build lean muscles and trim excess fat. HEI Protein Noodles makes slimming so easy, just add moderate daily exercise and eat sensibly with HEI Protein Noodles, you virtually eat your way to slim without starving, slimming drugs or dangerous slimming procedures.

Good news to diabetes. HEI Wellness Food could be the best food you. It is has very low glycemic index. When combining HEI Protein Noodles with variety of vegetables and other low glycemic index carbohydrate foods, indulging in good food is virtually up to your imagination as long as you stay away from refined flour, sugary and fatty food.

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