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The Origin of Mooncake

Mooncake is an indispensable delicacy, traditionally eaten during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival during the gathering of family and friends.

Mooncake is a bakery product, consist of crust and the fillings. Mooncake crust is commonly made from wheat flour, golden syrup, lye water, and vegetable oil. Wheat flour, irregardless of it’s form, is refined carbohydrate, and contains gluten. One may say the organic, unbleached is healthier, but it is still refined carb and the gluten issue is still present. Golden syrup is also called inverted sugar syrup. It is amber in color. By using golden syrup, they are able to enhance the color of the dough to become a nice brownish crust. The taste profile is greatly enhanced besides the visual appeal, such as being tender and moist, much richer and creamy texture,