Project Description

HEI Wellness Healthy Protein Bread is Gluten-Free and low carb, made without refined flour, yeast, any sort of improver, preservative and harmful chemicals. It is packed with good proteins to replenish amino acids used up during our body routine growth and repair cycles. Further to that, having no refined carbohydrate simply means that everyone can enjoy regardless of whether you’re a diabetic or a healthy individual. You do not have to say NO to sandwiches anymore with this healthy Protein Bread.

Net Weight:

Millet: 350g   Light: 350g   Soft: 250g

 Keep Frozen.


– Flour-Free
– Gluten-Free
– Grains-Free
– Sugar-Free
– Yeast-Free
– Baking powder-Free
– Salt-Free
– Trans Fat-Free
– Hydrogenated Fat-Free
– Vegetable shortening-Free
– Artificial flavouring-Free
– Artificial colouring-Free
– Stabilizer-Free
– Improver-Free
– Conditioner-Free
– Preservatives-Free
– Anti-Aging
– Suitable for growing children and elderly
– Maintain beautiful skin
– Post-surgery
– Health recovery
– Health conscious
– Suitable for Diabetic, Tumor, Cancer and Cardiovascular disease patient
– Suitable for Autistic, Epilepsy, ADHD, Asthma, Allergy Children
– Weight reduction for the obese
– Physically active individuals
– Stressful individuals 


*contains: soy, egg