Project Description

Formulated to improve learning ability,
enhance focus & attention,
better social interaction,
reduce allergy &
improve digestion

easy digest & absorb complete plant protein

*No Gluten * No Casein * No Refined Flour
* No Wheat * No Sugar * No Food Additives
* No Artificial Flavors * No Artificial Colors


What is 4A Formula™

4A Formula™ is a specially formulated protein blend suitable for 4A disorder child. It provides high quality “complete protein” for proper growth and body maintenance. In addition to that, 4A Formula™ may assist the following:

a. Anti-inflammation
b. balancing neurotransmitters
c. providing healthy gut ecological environment
d. stabilize blood sugar.

Why the need for high quality protein?

Protein are nitrogen-containing substances that are formed by amino acids. They are the building blocks of muscles and other tissues in the body. Protein is also used to produce hormones, enzymes, hemoglobin, practically all cells in our body.

Complete protein means consisting all 20 amino acids needed for human growth and metabolism. Of which 9 are essential amino acids. Essential means the body cannot synthesis and must be obtained from diet.

Why Isolated Soy Protein (ISP) & Rice Protein (RP)?

Human, particularly children, not only needs complete protein
but also protein that can be easily digested and absorbed. PDCAAS is a protein evaluation method newly adopted by FAO/WHO. It is based on preschool-children essential amino acid requirement, taking into consideration of digestibility & absorbability.

  • ISP has PDCAAS score of 1 ( 1 being the highest score, in comparison wheat gluten scored 0.25)
  • ISP is a “Complete Protein”
  • ISP & RP is “Gluten-free”
  • ISP & RP is “Casein-free”
  • ISP & RP is “BSE-free”
  • ISP & RP is bovine growth hormones-free (rBGH)
  • ISP & RP has the h