Project Description

Artichoke is a vegetable & herb commonly cultivated and consume in Europe ever since ancient Greek & Rome. It has the highest antioxidant levels among all vegetables according to a study done by USDA. Besides, artichoke is listed in many pharmacopoeias to aid digestion, liver function, enhance bile production & bile flow and improve bowel movement, thanks to its extract, Cynarin.

HEI Wellness’s Artichoke Extract is available only in it’s pure extract form without added sugar, bulking agent, flavouring and colouring.

Net Weight: 100g

– Sugar-Free
– Bulking agent-Free
– Artificial flavouring-Free
– Artificial colouring-Free
– Stabilizer-Free
– Improver-Free
– Conditioner-Free
– Preservatives-Free

– Aid Digestion
– Improve liver function
– Enhance bile production & bile flow
– Improve bowel movement