Project Description

HEI Kacip Fatimah Plus traditionally used to relief menstrual pain, headache and to regulate menstruation.Labisia pumila, also known as kacip fatimah, is native to Malaysia. Kacip fatimah is one of the most popular and potent ingredient used in folk medicine for after birth care and women’s health. Scientific research has shown phytoestrogenic activities, regulating estrogen receptors and hormones, reduce risk of osteoporosis for postmenopause women, antioxidant, antibacteria, and anticarcinogenic activities.

HEI Wellness’s Kacip Fatimah Plus Extract is available only in it’s pure extract form without added sugar, bulking agent, flavouring and colouring.

Net Weight: 30 Capsules @ 450g

– Sugar-Free
– Bulking agent-Free
– Artificial flavouring-Free
– Artificial colouring-Free
– Stabilizer-Free
– Improver-Free
– Conditioner-Free
– Preservatives-Free

– Improve women’s health and vitality
– Improve skin complexion caused by hormone imbalance
– Relief premenstrual symptoms and regulate menstrual cycle