Project Description

HEI Wellness Surelean TM is a delicious way to incorporate healthful benefits of nutrients into your diet. SureleanTM is a nutritious beverage formulated from premium grade high biological value protein derived from soy. Soy Protein is the only plant protein providing complete essential amino acids that can be easily digested and absorbed by human body, essential for tissue growth and repair.

Fibers from oat bran and beta fibers are effective in lowering cholesterol, aid digestion, enhanced glucose metabolism, and decrease in toxins in the colon, essential for colon health.Fruto-oligosaccharide (FOS) has a lot of health benefits, which includes aiding immunity, bone health and stimulate the growth of good-friendly bacteria in the colon and digestive track.
Soy Lecithin is an essential nutrient that is required by our body. It is a source of choline, which helps dissolve fat and cholesterol and can help regulate kidney, liver and gallbladder function.

HEI Wellness Surelean TM is best serve as breakfast and between meals.

HEI Wellness’s Surelean TM is available only in it’s pure extract form without added sugar, bulking agent, flavouring and colouring.

Net Weight: 15 Sachets @ 26g

– Sugar-Free
– Bulking agent-Free
– Artificial flavouring-Free
– Artificial colouring-Free
– Stabilizer-Free
– Improver-Free
– Conditioner-Free
– Preservatives-Free

– Helps build and repair body tissues
– Essential for growth and development
– Provides amino acids necessary for protein synthesis

Nutrition Fact 

 Serving Size            :   26g

Serving per Container  :   15

Total Amount Per Per 100g Per Serving
Energy 235kcal 61kcal