Project Description

Carotino Oil is Palm Fruit Oil, rich in Natural Carotenes, Vitamin E and Co-enzyme Q10. These are very good anti-oxidant, well suited for anti-aging purpose. Besides, studies have found that carotenes and Vit E exhibit anti-cancer properties. Co-Q10 and Vit E both are very beneficial for heart health. As Carotino Oil has a higher degree of saturated fatty acids, it is suited for cooking purpose.

Carotino oil is available only in it’s pure form without added Canola oil, flavouring and colouring.

Net Weight: 500g

– Canola Oil-Free
– Trans Fat-Free
– Hydrogenated Fat-Free
– Artificial flavouring-Free
– Artificial colouring-Free
– Stabilizer-Free
– Improver-Free
– Conditioner-Free
– Preservatives-Free
– Suitable for low-heat cooking
– Rich in Natural Carotenes, Vit. E and Co-enzyme Q10
– Very high anti-oxidant properties
– Very high anti-cancer properties
– Beneficial for heart health
– Suitable for drinking
– Suitable for topical application


Available at:

  • HEI Wellness Cafe Cuisine, Puchong, Selangor.
  • DSY Wellness & Longevity Center, Ampang, Selangor.
  • Trumer Nutrition Shoppe, Subang, Selangor.
  • Natures Rejuvenation, Melaka.